Pre-Teen Pythia

Kia Alice Groom


I am the moon bruised, glitter
mouthed middle school medium! Fist
full of promo prophylactics,
Ouija board burned in the bleachers
with Playboy Zippo. Give me
a gum stick, a cigarette, a neon gel pen. I’ve got
a line to the dead & all your demons.
I’ve got a vulva so haunted I wove
panties from dried sage. My aura is well
lubricated. Hold my hand.

The condom wrapper says I LOVE U &
I don’t. Tear it
anyway. Pop out the purple
latex. Place two fingers on the rim & watch
it slip-slide over alphabet. My eyes may roll
into blue-webbed lash clumps: clairvoyance,
or contempt? Of course you want

an A on your essay, a hot
prom date. Of course you want
to bother spirits with your half-limp dick.
The ghosts in my cell walls speak
in riddles, don’t care for your nervous
probes. Splayed

apart like this it’s easy
to forget the difference between plump
sun YES & wasted
lunar NO. I catch
a breath, third eye
wince. But we are really
doing this: my magic
flesh, my slick trance state. I grip

the grass. I watch for omens. I do
nothing & still
the planchette moves.

Kia Alice Groom is an Australian poet currently residing in the United States, where she earned an MFA in Poetry from the University of New Orleans in 2015. During grad school she founded the feminist literary magazine Quaint, which sought to uphold the voices of marginalised writers, particularly survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. The recipient of an Academy of American Poets award, the runner-up for the 2014 Judith Wright Poetry Prize, and a pushcart nominee, Kia’s work has been published in Cordite, Going Down Swinging, The Australian Book Review, Westerly, Permafrost, Dream Pop Press and others. Her work has been anthologized in the Hunter Anthology of Contemporary Australian Feminist Poetry and is forthcoming in various other collections. She tweets @whodreamedit, and is professionally intuitive at