Light as a Feather… is an exploration of the continuing cultural influence of the teen witch. In the wake of a shifting global political climate, magic manifests as a pop cultural symbol for empowerment and positivism. The exhibition is comprised of installations and a series of performative rituals; a collaborative network of artistic practices, harnessing witchcraft and magic in its many forms. The Moana coven bring together the work of established and emerging artists, conjuring quasi-rituals and pseudo-scientific experiments to call upon the witch’s enduring feminist strength and the role of superstition and talismans in our prevailing mood of uncertainty.

Featuring the work of Soda_Jerk, Oliver Hull & Celeste Njoo, Lyndon Blue, Jack Caddy,

Emma Buswell, Grace Connors, Sabina Maselli, and  Eliza Gauger .

Originally presented at Domain House, Glebe. November 4 - 12 2017 for HOBIENNALE.

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This project has been supported by HOBIENNALE, Constance ARIHobart City Council, the Australia Council for the Arts, the Regional Arts Fund, and the following kind individuals: Carly Lynch, Madé Spencer-Castle, the Johnson family, Jenny Scott, Liam James, Jill Lawson, Cat Holker, Richard Lawson, Sharon Tassicker, Soda_Jerk, Oliver Hull, Brent Harrison, John Cruthers, Ned Reilly, Dayana Ahamad, Celeste Njoo, Liam Colgan, Rebecca Juniper, Lisa Liebetrau, Sylvie Heywood, Tom Blake, Dan Connors, Stacey Bell, Adrian Boyce, Gabriella Beckhurst, Johnny Doan, Anna Johnson, and Jacinda Gardner on